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Florida 2000 Election Fraud
"There ought to be limits to freedom."-George Bush, 1999
How the Grinch stole America-Salman Rushdie
Every Vote down in Voteville liked Voting a Lot,
But the GRINCH, who lived West of Voteville,
did Not.
U.S. presidential election, 2000
Comprehensive Analysis
URL's on the 2000 US Presidential Elections
This is a complete list of the URL's about the 2000 US presidential elections, including the voting irregularities in Florida, that I have listed in messages to the Red Rock Eater News Service. They are in reverse chronological order.
Timeline-2000 Election
The Legacy of Robbing elections-By Walter Jensen
Ronald Reagan, in 1979, sent George Bush, Richard Allen, and Donald Greg to two meetings, one in Paris France and one in Washington DC, to insure Carter was not re-elected. They negotiated with Manchari Gorbanifar (Iranian arms dealer), Bani Sadr (president of Iran and political puppet of the Kohmeni regime), Albert Hakim (arms dealer), and Hashem (diplomat of the Iranian government). Reagan's team promised that the US federal government would sell over one billion US dollars in American weapons to Iran if Iran would not release the American hostages until after the 1980 presidential election.
Favorite Son, Illegitimate President
On Election Day this writer heard reports of early exit polls by 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time that Gore was leading Bush by 3 to 1 in three of the largest population centers in Florida. These are the same exit polls that major networks use to call the election. After enough counts came in confirming the exit polls the networks called the state for Gore. One of issues that was to emerge from the incessant whining of the Republicans following the election was this early call of Florida for Gore while a few counties in the extreme western tip of the Florida panhandle were still open.
KATHERINE HARRIS, as Secretary, etc., et al.-PDF
Recount shows Gore had won-Martin Kettle
Fresh evidence has emerged in Florida that Al Gore might have won last year's presidential election under a less contentious voting system, and if the US supreme court had not stepped in to stop the recount.
Fla. 'Overvotes' Hit Democrats The Hardest
Gore 3 Times as Likely as Bush To Be Listed on Tossed Ballots
-By Dan Keating
Florida voters who spoiled their ballots because they punched more than one presidential candidate's name were three times as likely to have included Vice President Gore as one of their choices as George W. Bush, a Washington Post analysis has found.
Florida's 'Disappeared Voters':
Disfranchised by the GOP-by Gregory Palast
In Latin America they might have called them votantes desaparecidos, "disappeared voters." On November 7 tens of thousands of eligible Florida voters were wrongly prevented from casting their ballots--some purged from the voter registries and others blocked from registering in the first instance. Nearly all were Democrats, nearly half of them African-American.
Right-wing coup that shames America-Will Hutton
Continuing unofficial counts reveal the full extent of Al Gore's lead and the massive abuses that have put George W. Bush into power
Jeb Bush grilled on voting irregularities-Jane Martinson
Jeb Bush, the governor of Florida and brother of president-elect George W Bush, was hauled in front of the US civil rights commission yesterday to face questions about the irregularities which allegedly discriminated against voters from ethnic minorities.
Jeb Bush blamed for unfair Florida election-Julian Borger
Thousands of black electors in Florida were disenfranchised in last November's election by an electoral system tainted by "injustice, ineptitude and inefficiency" a leaked report by the US civil rights commission says.
It accuses Governor Jeb Bush, the president's brother, and his secretary of state, Katherine Harris, of "gross dereliction" of duty, saying they "chose to ignore mounting evidence" of the problems.
Transcript: Vice Presidential Debate in Danville, Ky.
Following is the complete transcript of the vice presidential debate between Richard B. Cheney (R) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.).
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy-Greg Palast
In the opening excerpts from Palast's book we learned that five months before the November 2000 election, Governor Jeb Bush of Florida and his Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, moved to purge 57,700 people from the voter rolls, supposedly criminals not allowed to vote. Almost every one was innocent of crimes.
US election 2000
"The American people have spoken," said Bill Clinton shortly after election day. "It's too bad it's going to take a little while to determine what it was they had to say."
Judge says court was close to backing Gore-Michael Ellison
George Bush might have been prevented from entering the White House if a US supreme court judge had had another day to work on persuading his colleagues, according to a new book.
ELECTION FRAUD 2002 Many Relevant Articles
"There are no documented cases of electronic vote-rigging occurring anywhere in the country, but only because it's nearly impossible to prove."
Another Florida Fiasco-2002-John Nichols
The biggest story of the biggest primary election night of 2002 echoed the biggest story of the 2000 election: Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris and the gang that couldn't design a ballot straight blew it again. Just as the fierce indifference--and in some cases outright hostility--of Florida officials to the practical demands of democracy warped the Sunshine State's 2000 presidential vote, so the "fixes" initiated by Bush, Harris and their legislative allies have resulted in another election without a result.
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