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2004 Presidential Campaign
Animated Cartoon of
Cheney & Bush

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The Real Man
To understand why questions about George Bush's time in the National Guard are legitimate, all you have to do is look at the federal budget published last week. No, not the lies, damned lies and statistics — the pictures. By my count, this year's budget contains 27 glossy photos of Mr. Bush. We see the president in front of a giant American flag, in front of the Washington Monument.
Dear American People
We now face a daunting task. An unpleasant and possibly fatal realization now confronts all of us in our daily lives.
Many of our most powerful leaders need to be arrested for numerous and continuing crimes against humanity.
Voting official seeks process for canceling Election Day over terrorism
The government needs to establish guidelines for canceling or rescheduling elections if terrorists strike the United States again, says the chairman of a new federal voting commission. Soaries was appointed to the federal Election Assistance Commission last year by President Bush.
Campaign Money
Report links Iraq deals to Bush donations
Companies awarded $8 billion in contracts to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan have been major campaign donors to President Bush, and their executives have had important political and military connections
Bush, Kerry to spend almost half-billion
Bush and Democratic nominee-to-be John Kerry are on track to spend nearly a half-billion dollars vying for the White House this year, making it the most expensive presidential race in history.
Pioneers Fill War Chest, Then Capitalize
For achieving their fundraising goals, Pioneers receive a relatively modest token, the right to buy a set of silver cuff links with an engraved Lone Star of Texas (Rangers can buy a more expensive belt buckle set). Their real reward is entree to the White House and the upper levels of the administration.
Follow The Money The Institute on Money in State Politics
Articles on Campaign Financing
Who Bankrolls Bush and his Democratic Rivals?
Enron Corp., the Houston-based energy firm that touched off a financial, legal and political scandal when it declared bankruptcy in December 2001, remains the top career patron of President George W. Bush, whose prolific fundraising in 2003 shattered all previous records for candidates. Enron's employees and political action committee have given more than $600,000 to Bush over the course of his political career, according to a new Center for Public Integrity book, The Buying of the President 2004 (HarperCollins).
Campaign Methods
Saudi envoy promised Bush a drop in oil prices ahead of election
Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the U.S. has promised President George W. Bush the Saudis will reduce oil prices before this November's election to help the U.S. economy, according to Bob Woodward, author of a new book about the Iraq war.
Stooping Low to Smear Kerry
Cheney said in 1989 that he didn't go to Vietnam because "I had other priorities in the '60s than military service." While Kerry risked his life, Bush got himself into the National Guard.
Bush campaign accents the negative
Scholars and political strategists say the ferocious Bush assault on Kerry this spring has been extraordinary, both for the volume of attacks and for the liberties the president and his campaign have taken with the facts.
ELECTION 2004: GOP lends eager hand to Nader's Mich. effort
Michigan Republicans agree with Democrats that a vote for Ralph Nader for president is a vote for George W. Bush. So Republicans are helping the independent gadfly by collecting signatures to put his name on the November ballot.
Military Record
Where were you in '72? Most of us remember...Bush does not...
So, while the news networks have sat on this explosive story for months, it's well documented that George W. Bush never showed up for National Guard duty for a period of approximately one year, possibly more, in 1972-1973. Despite all the talk about "honor and dignity,"
Bush's flight from the Guard
Why was he abruptly grounded from flying? Why did he leave the Texas Guard two years early? A key report answering those questions is still missing from George W. Bush's records.
Bush's partial history
Military rules used in 1974 to ground two Washington Air National Guard airmen with access to nuclear weapons also applied to a Texas Air National Guard unit where Lt. George W. Bush was a fighter pilot.
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