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Opinions from Viewers
2004 Presidential Campaign
TvNewsLIES Exposes
Contributing Editor - June, 2004

George Bush has not been packaged; he has – in fact - been invented


I’m really trying to understand it. How in the world can almost half the
voting public still believe that George W. Bush belongs in the White
House? How in the world can any American, other than the most closed
minded member of the extreme right, believe that the man who has taken
us into the jaws of hell deserves another term of office? How in the
world, indeed…..

Somewhere in the American psyche there has to be receptor cell that
absorbs and processes effective propaganda. I’m reminded of the
toothpaste that sells across the nation because it promises that whiter
teeth can lead to everlasting love. It’s not that Americans are
unintelligent or naïve, it’s just that we’re so extraordinarily hopeful.
I’m truly convinced that the people of this country want to believe that
good things can happen, because that makes life far more livable. And
that, in a strange way, may explain how in the world tens of millions of
people have been taken in by Karl Rove.

Harry Houdini was the best. He could make people believe what they knew
was not so, and swear to it. He was the grand master of illusion that
defied one’s senses and betrayed one’s reason. Luckily, Houdini was a
performer and an entertainer. Had he been a political strategist, he
might have had a serious competitor in Karl Rove.


The presidency is often packaged for public consumption. Standard
operating procedure puts the candidate’s best foot forward and disguises
or hides his flaws. But George Bush has not been packaged; he has – in
fact - been invented. It is Rove’s ability to create a man who does not
exist that sets him apart as the master magician. It is his uncanny
skill at selling voters an imaginary product that has to be exposed. It
is vital that the American voter be startled back into reality and
realizes what in the world has happened...
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