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Iraq War
"The propagandist's purpose, is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human." Aldous Huxley
The documents, which are dated March 2001, concerning the activities of the Cheney Energy Task Force, contain a map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as 2 charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects, and “Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.”
Oval Office failure
Tenet, Woodward writes, "rose up, threw his arms in the air. `It's a slam dunk case' . . . Bush pressed. `George, how confident are you?'" Tenet: "Don't worry, it's a slam dunk."
Speech by Former Vice President Al Gore
"The direction in which our nation is being led is deeply troubling to me -- not only in Iraq but also here at home on economic policy, social policy and environmental policy. Millions of Americans now share a feeling that something pretty basic has gone wrong in our country and that some important American values are being placed at risk. And they want to set it right."
Hey, Let's Call In The UN
Did America and Britain have a legal right to go to war without the backing of the United Nations? An inquiry into that would be a short one: it doesn't take long to say "nope".
This report, which was prepared at the request of Rep. Henry A. Waxman, is a comprehensive examination of the statements made by the five Administration officials most responsible for providing public information and shaping public opinion on Iraq: President George Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice. It finds that the five officials made misleading statements about the threat posed by Iraq in 125 public appearances.
The report and an accompanying database identify 237 specific misleading statements by the five officials.
The new Pentagon papers
A high-ranking military officer reveals how Defense Department extremists suppressed information and twisted the truth to drive the country to war.
IRAQ: Far-Bungled Banner
GIVEN EVERYTHING ELSE that's gone wrong with the U.S. incursion in Iraq, the unveiling of Iraq's newly designed national flag would seem to be a minor matter. That is unless you happen to be an Iraqi citizen, in which case the new flag becomes salt rubbed into a festering wound.
Just Trust Us
From the day this administration took office, its slogan has been "Just trust us." No administration since Nixon has been so insistent that it has the right to operate without oversight or accountability, and no administration since Nixon has shown itself to be so little deserving of that trust.
Pentagon Delays U.S. Troops' Trip Home
On Monday, a senior official with U.S. Central Command said that the return home of about 24,000 U.S. troops who were scheduled to leave in the next few weeks would be delayed as their replacements arrive. Central Command's responsibility includes the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Awful Truth
People are saying terrible things about George Bush. They say that his officials weren't sincere about pledges to balance the budget. They say that the planning for an invasion of Iraq began seven months before 9/11, that there was never any good evidence that Iraq was a threat and that the war actually undermined the fight against terrorism.
Stumbling Into War
Summary: Why did most of the world abandon Washington when it went after Saddam Hussein? The war in Iraq could never have been an easy sell, but nor should it have been such a difficult one. The Bush administration badly botched the prewar maneuvering, presenting a textbook study in how not to wage a diplomatic campaign. 10 Pages
Bush Sr. Said In 1996 That War With Iraq `Would Turn Entire Arab World Against Us’
Former President George Bush predicted in 1996 that if the United States were to engage in another war with Iraq, one aimed at overthrowing Saddam Hussein, the “entire Arab world would turn against us” and the U.S. would alienate its allies in the international community.
Moreover, Vice President Dick Cheney said at an energy conference six years ago that hundreds of thousands of United States soldiers and Iraqi civilians would die if a war in Iraq were ever fought on the streets of Baghdad.
With God on His Side ...
So, it was a holy war, a new crusade. The Constitution reserves to Congress the authority to allocate funds and to declare war. Thus it would seem to be an impeachable offense to misappropriate $700 million that had been earmarked to restore order to Afghanistan and put it toward planning an invasion of Iraq.
The Battle on Terrorism is an Excuse to Make Fighting Permanent
If you did want to have a permanent war, what would you need in order to make such a policy viable in a democratic society such as the United States? You would need periodic crises, because without them the public becomes complacent, unafraid, and hence unwilling to bear the heavy burdens that they must bear if the government is to carry on a permanent war.
Bush's Failed Mideast Policy Is Creating More Terrorism
With 760 dead in Iraq and over 3,000 maimed for life, home folks continue to argue why we are in Iraq – and how to get out.
Invade Iraq? It's a no brainer
Everyone agrees that President George Bush's lobotomy has been a tremendous success. It is scarcely surprising that Tony Blair should have decided to follow suit and undergo similar psychosurgery.
The "Year Zero" Strategy
"As the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq stumbles from one problem to the next, suddenly everything seems to be up for grabs, and an administration that once seemed sure of its goals and its strategy now appears to be trying anything that might work.
Cost of War
The War in Iraq Cost the United States
To the right you will find a running total of the amount of money spent by the US Government to finance the war in Iraq.
The Wastrel Son
Last week Mr. Bush asked Congress for yet more money for the "Iraq Freedom Fund" — $25 billion for starters, although Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defense secretary, says that the bill for the full fiscal year will probably exceed $50 billion, and independent experts think even that is an underestimate. And you know what? He'll get it.
Fistfuls of Dollars
The Coalition Provisional Authority, which has been operating partly on seized Iraqi assets, is about to run out of money.
Who is Getting Rich?
9-11 Profiteering: A Framework for Building the "Cui Bono?" UnAnswered Questions
Much has transpired since September 11, 2001. We have learned that numerous heads of state and foreign intelligence agencies tried to warn us before 9-11 (2); We have watched many deeply disturbing unanswered questions of 9-11 emerge through global Internet media (3);
Civilian Casualties
U.S. Massacre in Fallujah, Iraq: Death Toll for Week More Than 600
More than 600 Iraqis have been killed in Fallujah since U.S. Marines began a siege against Sunni insurgents in the city a week ago, most of them women, children and the elderly, the head of the city's hospital said Sunday.
The Worldwide Update of Reported Civilian Deaths in the Iraq War and Occupation.
Iraq Civilian Body Count's new generation of IBC web counters include live-updating, scrolling text.
"A year ago, I did give the speech from the carrier, saying that we had achieved an important objective, that we'd accomplished a mission, which was the removal of Saddam Hussein. And as a result, there are no longer torture chambers or rape rooms or mass graves in Iraq."

President Bush,
April 30, 2004
Interrogation abuses were 'approved at highest levels'
New evidence that the physical abuse of detainees in Iraq and at Guantanamo Bay was authorised at the top of the Bush administration will emerge in Washington this week, adding further to pressure on the White House.
Locked in Abu Ghraib
The prison scandal keeps getting worse for the Bush administration.
If today's investigative shockers—Seymour Hersh's latest article in The New Yorker and a three-part piece in Newsweek—are true, it's hard to avoid concluding that responsibility for the Abu Ghraib atrocities goes straight to the top, both in the Pentagon and the White House, and that varying degrees of blame can be ascribed to officials up and down the chain of command. Read together, the magazine articles spell out an elaborate, all-inclusive chain of command in this scandal. Bush knew about it. Rumsfeld ordered it. His undersecretary of defense for intelligence, Steven Cambone, administered it.
AN ARMY OF . . .
George W. Bush's new gulag archipelago, a string of concentration camps, military and INS prisons that span the globe from North Carolina to Iraq to Afghanistan to Guantánamo Bay to New York City, has been designed to give torturers the veil of secrecy they require to carry out their hideous acts as well as the tacit understanding that they won't be held accountable.
Early Iraq Abuse Accounts Met With Silence
Detailed allegations of psychological abuse, deprivation, beatings and deaths at U.S.-run prisons in Iraq were met by public silence from the U.S. Army last October six months before shocking photographs stirred world outrage and demands for action.
18,000 Iraqis Illegally Held In Jails and Prison Camps By U.S.
According to the Baghdad-based Organisation for Human Rights, at least 18,000 Iraqis are now being illegally held in jails and prison camps. The prisoners are held without charge and denied access to lawyers, family and friends for months on end. April 22, 2004
General said to urge use of dogs at prison
A U.S. Army general dispatched by senior Pentagon officials to bolster the collection of intelligence from prisoners in Iraq last fall inspired and promoted the use of guard dogs there to frighten the Iraqis, according to sworn testimony by the top U.S. intelligence officer at the Abu Ghraib prison. The idea came from Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, who at the time commanded the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, and was implemented under a policy approved by Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, the top U.S. military official in Iraq.
Covering up the coverup, by Alan Dershowitz
The New York Times has reported that a CIA official was told that Bush had informed the CIA that he did not want to know where [the high value detainees] were [being held.] If this is true, it reflects a breakdown of responsibility.
‘Definitely a Cover-Up’
Former Abu Ghraib Intel Staffer Says Army Concealed Involvement in Abuse Scandal
Dozens of soldiers — other than the seven military police reservists who have been charged — were involved in the abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, and there is an effort under way in the Army to hide it, a key witness in the investigation told ABCNEWS.
Bloggers doubt Berg execution video
Revolting millions around the world, the video footage of an American citizen Nick Berg's execution has also raised numerous questions concerning its authenticity.
Bush and Blair made secret pact for Iraq war
President George Bush first asked Tony Blair to support the removal of Saddam Hussein from power at a private White House dinner nine days after the terror attacks of 11 September, 2001 According to Sir Christopher Meyer, the former British Ambassador to Washington, who was at the dinner.
Disillusionment Over Iraq
In March 2003, British Prime Minister Tony Blair apparently believed that there was an imminent threat that Iraq might use weapons of mass destruction. A majority of British voters were accordingly persuaded that Britain was probably justified in taking part in an attack on the tyrannical regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
Tony Blair must be more honest over Iraq
There has been a serious lack of candour about his discussions with President Bush.
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